Schorr, Christopher. 2022. “The Great Betrayal of American Democracy.American Greatness.

Description: By violating the Constitution and prioritizing foreigners over Americans, Biden has broken the social contract.  In doing so, he also betrays American democracy.


Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House. Carol Swain and Christopher Schorr. August 2021. Be the People Books.

Available now at Logos Books Online.

Description: In schools and workplaces across the United States, Americans are being indoctrinated with a divisive, anti-American ideology: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Based in cultural Marxism, CRT bullies and demonizes whites while infantilizing and denying agency to blacks, creating a deep racial rift. As Abraham Lincoln famously observed, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” CRT aims to divide the American nation against itself and burn down the house.

In Black Eye for America, the authors expose the true nature of CRT and offer concrete solutions for taking back the country’s stolen institutions by:

  • Describing CRT in theory and practice, accounting for its origins and weaponization within American schools and workplaces
  • Explaining how this ideology threatens traditional American values and legal doctrines, including civil rights 
  • Equipping everyday Americans with strategies to help them resist and defeat CRT’s pernicious influence.

Schorr, Christopher. 2021. “CRT is Doing to America’s Culture What Marxism did to Venezuela’s Economy – But There is Hope.The Western Journal.

Description: People who see racism everywhere miss that racist attitudes are at an all-time low and that Americans are among the least racist people on earth. They assume that disparate outcomes imply disparate treatment. They do not.


Schorr, Christopher. 2020. “Research Shows Critical Race Theory is Actually Making People More Racist.” The Federalist.

Description: Evidence from a survey experiment suggests that exposure to key themes from Critical Race Theory (CRT) exacerbates rather than inhibits white nationalist sentiments. President Trump’s recent executive orders banning CRT training in federal agencies and prohibiting the federal government from contracting with CRT-promoting companies are important steps in the right direction.

Schorr, Christopher. 2020. Dissertation. “White Nationalism and its Challenge to the American Right.” PhD Dissertation. Georgetown University.

Description: The American Right is undergoing a profound transformation. President Trump’s 2016 victories appear to have solidified the Republican Party’s hold on white working-class voters. This same period saw the emergence of a new, white nationalistic “alternative” rightwing movement. The “Alt Right” is vehemently opposed not only to the conventional targets of white racists – e.g., people of color and Jews – but also to conservatism and to the nation’s civic national identity.

Thought distinct, both events reflect the growing importance of white identity in American politics. The key driver of this trend appears to be demographic change – whites’ declining share of the population – however, important unanswered questions remain. What defines conservatism and white nationalism as movements of “the Right” and what is the function of  conservatism in this context? During the 2016 GOP Primary, why did some white Republican voters respond more favorably than others to President Trump’s populist messages? What besides demographic change – which is slow, on-going, and inevitable – accounts for the renewed salience of white identity?